Voodoo Tattoos

When you hear the word voodoo, you may not think of religion. However, this is just that and is thought to have originated from Africa. Voodoo is practiced at a number of different locations and in many areas that are around the world. One of the beliefs of voodooists is that there are spirits that are present when the body passes on to the afterlife. Voodoo is a type of religion involving magic or witchcraft and the worship of spirits. A voodoo tattoo is symbolic of the religion and belief in spirits. One of the most popular types of tattoo designs in this category is the puppet voodoo tattoo. This looks like a small doll that may be wrapped in cloth similar to that of a mummy. Some of these tattoos have ribbons and pins that could be used to attempt to hurt a person by placing the pin on a part of the doll.

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