Squirrel Tattoos

Squirrel tattoos can have a variety of meanings, and you don't have to be nuts to want one. For some, they represent a playful, energetic nature – these acrobatic critters treat trees like personal jungle gyms, using their bushy tails to balance. Cartoon designs are more likely to be symbols of goofiness, mischief and sneakiness, while traditional images may depict resourcefulness, innocence and athleticism. Squirrels are from the Sciuridae family, which stems from a Greek word meaning "shadow tail". Adaptability, grace and agility are their hallmark qualities, along with a bit of attitude. They'll chatter your ear off when you're around and feast from your bird feeder the moment your back is turned. Though sometimes annoying, our furry friends symbolize security and preparedness, which is why we "squirrel away" food, or money for later. They're also bold and courageous, willing to take great leaps of faith to secure a reward. Lastly, our shadow-tailed counterparts are busy and highly social animals. They work tirelessly to prepare for their hard-earned winter vacations, and chat with anyone who'll listen, even if it's just to tell them who's boss. Squirrels survive, thrive, and do it with joy – an example anyone can appreciate.

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