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Understanding the meaning and symbolism of the body art gallery

Tattoo Designs:
And Their Many Different Meanings

When it comes to deciding upon what image you'll chose to wear until the end of your life (or the sting of the laser), you're embarking on a long, internal search for meaning and significance. You'll be in league with men and women who, across the millennia, have chosen to brand themselves for their gods, their families and their higher ideals.

In our present time, hundred of thousands millions even of adults are sporting body art, from single, simple tattoos to more elaborate large scale or full-body pictures. All you need is a little inspiration!

Whether you're seeking to draw up and design your own tattoo idea, or you decide to turn to a

tattoo artists

' gallery for your tattoo designs, the multitude of options you'll find will ensure that you can express your own unique individuality.

There are tribal patterns galore, and Celtic knots and armbands. You can enter into the world of legends and myths by bearing images of dragons, fairies, gods and goddesses, unicorns, the Minotaur, or elves. Stars and stripes, eagles and military designs speak out of patriotism and loyalty to country.

Family crests have inspired some really great

tattoo design ideas

, and are a great western way to express the clannish bonds that prevail in so many different Polynesian and tribal designs.

But regardless of the designs you already have in mind, we have something to offerBehind each picture in every tattoo, there is more meaning and symbolism than may meet the eye. Symbols and images have histories, and meanings outside of our own Western ways and connotations. Sure, the

tattoo design

you want may have star in it, but what kind of star? How many points? Different stars have different symbolism, and allude to different things.

Yet again, aside from designs, the placement of your tattoo adds a lot to its meaning and significance. A dragon rising up from your lower back, wings spread, jaws gaping, eyes glowing will make a totally different impression of a small dragon hatching from an egg on your hip. And then, if you aren't careful, and live in areas of high gang activity, you should certainly be careful as to what designs you chose and where you decide to put them. Decisions like those have cost people their lives and/or their reputations.

Here, you'll also be able to learn more about other forms of body modification that are popular in today's society, ranging from the simple things like tattoos and piercing up to beading, implants, and scarification.

Or, if you're looking to try out an idea before eternally branding yourself with it, you can read more about looking for temporary tattoo designs, full body airbrushing and the ancient Indian art of mehndi, or henna tattoos.

Whatever reason you came here, we've got answers for you. From meanings, to histories, to religious significance and mythical lore, we've got it all. You certainly won't leave here empty handed!