Footprint Tattoos

The footprint tattoo can be a standalone design or paired with any other tattoo design. The Footprint tattoo can be integrated with a baby’s name and with designs depicting love, such as hearts, flowers and butterflies, or with designs depicting one’s faith, such as a Christian cross or a Star of David. This type of tattoo design is also amenable to a ribbon displaying the date of birth of a child, as well as to numerous other sorts of imagery, such as those for different sports or sports teams, teddy bears and animals, and place of birth and national heritage. This design is ideal for the proud parent. This type of tattoo is also appropriate in the tragic instance of a child lost, typically including both the birthdate and death date accompanied by imagery of angels or angel wings. The origin of this design is unknown but today it is a very popular design. Many celebrities have been seen flaunting some variation of this tattoo, including famous actors, reality television stars, and pop, country, and hip hop musicians.

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