Comedy Tragedy Mask Tattoos

The comedy tragedy mask tattoo is a great way to symbolize your competing personas. Whether you have a light and dark side, are caring yet formidable, or are a gentle giant, the comedy tragedy mask tattoo is the design for you. Comedy tragedy masks can also represent different periods of your life. If you love life but have endured through challenging times, or are enduring through them still but see light at the end of the tunnel, then this tattoo design is the one you want. A benefit of this tattoo is that it can stand alone or be paired with any other tattoo design. The faces of the masks can alternatively be animals, devils, mythological gods and creatures, or any other face that best represents who you are. If you want to wear your inner you on your sleeve, or anywhere else on your body, then this is the tattoo design for you! The masks trace back to the theater in ancient Greece. The two faces with diametrically opposed emotions – one expressing intense joy and the other intense sorrow – were used by thespians and playwrights to indicate to the audience the intended emotion of a particular moment in a play.

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