What’s Behind The Lines

Do not be tempted to get tattooed solely from your color reference or from an inferior hand-traced stencil. Trying to trace or copy a stencil is the number one cause of bad tattoos. With Tattoo Johnny ORIGINAL ARTIST STENCILS, every curve and detail of your design will be accurate. (See sample below)

mage 1

You want more than a tattoo you want a perfect tattoo. Nothing is more disappointing than envisioning your new tattoo and being sorely disappointed. Perhaps there was a miscommunication with the artist, or the design you wanted looked different on paper than on your skin. Or soon after getting tattooed you wish you would have went bigger, smaller, or more to the left or right. Getting tattooed requires more than finding a good artist. Like any project a plan is needed to accomplish a final result. The tattoo stencil is the blue print for your tattoo. It will allow you to see the design on your skin before making it permanent. The line work is the backbone of your tattoo. There is a saying "If the line work is good the tattoo can only be so bad” what that means is that proper line work is like having insurance and protection from getting a bad tattoo. Tattoo Johnny stencils are the most reliable and most commonly used by the tattoo artist worldwide. Different from most artwork, when drawing a tattoo design the artist draws the stencil first, once the stencil is complete color is added. That is how your tattoo will be done, line work first then color. The stencil is the most important part of the tattoo process. Your artist will take the stencil and turn it into a temporary tattoo through the use of a tattoo thermal copier. The artist will also use this machine to size your tattoo. You will then be able to see what the tattoo will look like before making it permanent. This is the point of the process where you can decide that the placement of your tattoo is exactly where you want it. Once you feel great about seeing the stencil on your skin, the tattoo artist will then use a liner to simply trace the stencil. You will now have a perfect transfer. The design you wanted is set to its exact proportions. Your tattoo is simply colored and you’re finished. Tattoo stencils eliminate guess work and time. Most important the tattoo you envisioned has become a reality. Tattoo Johnny art is designed for the purpose of tattooing and meant to be tattoo friendly. Protect yourself by using an original stencil only. Anyone promising to freehand your design or wanting to use tracing paper to make a stencil is a sign that you are in a bad place. Remember no one cares more about your tattoo than you, and Tattoo Johnny.