Infinity Symbol Tattoos

Thursday 15th of January 2009 08:46:14 PM [Add To This Article]

Infinity is a term that refers to something has no end. Infinity is used in mathematical, philosophical and theology work. It comes from the Latin ''infinitas'', meaning ''unboundedness''. Infinity is represented by a stylized horizontal version of the number eight. The precise origin of the infinity symbol is unclear. It is sometimes called a ''lemniscus'', which is Latin for ribbon.

Infinity is associated with the ''ouroboros'', a snake that consumes its tail and becomes a creature without end. Circles and loops are associated with the idea of life being eternal, season and in an endless cycle that repeats itself.

Infinity tattoos represent the idea that there are no bounds, whether for the tattoo wearer or his future. Infinity tattoos can often be found on those that study philosophy or math and may be incorporated with an ouroboros or other ancient symbols.

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