Care Bear Tattoo Designs

Friday 20th of February 2009 01:09:27 PM [Add To This Article]

Care Bears are lovable little fuzzballs that live in a wonderful world called Care-a-Lot high in the clouds. Their job is to help the children of the world learn to care about each other. However, they also happen to be introducing all lovers of rainbow colored bears with designs on their tummies to the fascinating world of body art. Each Care Bear has two distinct tattoo designs that serve very different functions and display very clearly two of the most common reasons that people get tattoo designs. Every Care Bear sports a small, red heart on their haunch. This heart tattoo is not always visible in the cartoons - perhaps it is masked by fur? - but all the toys show them clearly. The heart indicates that the Care Bear is part of the Care-a-Lot family, and Care Bear cousins (a later addition to the Care Bear family who are not bears but rather jungle animals) do not have this membership tattoo. Care Bears and their cousins also have large pieces of art on their little fuzzy tummies. These tattoo designs indicate something that the Care Bear or Care Bear Cousin holds particularly dear, or a personality trait typical of that character. For example, Love-a-Lot Bear has a large red heart tattoo, Birthday Bear has a cupcake tattoo and Funshine Bear has a large, yellow, smiling sun tattoo.

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