Armband Tattoos and Armband Tattoo Designs

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In ancient Japan, an armband tattoo was not a good thing. In fact, any potentially visible tattoo often meant that you were ostracized from society due to committing a terrible (or not so terrible, depending on the judge or emperor in question) crime. Interestingly, the tattoos which once meant a fate that some considered worse than death – one “merciful” emperor saved a man’s life when he was sentenced to death, but commanded him to be tattooed – is now an incredibly popular and permanent accessory. Armband tattoos in particular are quite common and often visible at the gym, the park or even at some places of work.

Armband tattoos have become extremely popular in the last two decades or so as more and more people realize that tattoos are not only a beautiful form of art, but they can also be used to accentuate parts of the body that make them proud. Armband tattoos tend to encircle the upper bicep, although they can encircle lower areas of the arm as well. There are a wide variety of armband tattoo styles and armband tattoo designs to choose from, and they can do everything from make you look more feminine to accentuate those bulging biceps that you have worked so hard to build.

Upper arm tattoos have always been ideal for many professional people because they are easy to hide while at work and reveal while at play. However, the armband tattoo, while located in a similar spot to the upper arm tattoo in most cases, is a slightly different ball game when it comes to tattooing because of its unique, fully encircling form. An armband tattoo generally spans the entire upper bicep, curling around the underside of the arm. This makes an armband tattoo a true display of stamina and toughness because the tender underside of the arm is one of the most painful places – according to most people – to get tattooed. However, this pain is just another way to show how much the tattoo or the subject behind the tattoo means to you, and many muscular men enjoy sporting armband tattoos in a subtle display of machismo.

An armband tattoo design should be fluid, and flow around your arm in a way that makes it appear natural that such a band should be placed on your upper arm. Often sinuous images are used for armband tattoo designs, such as snake tattoos, dragon tattoos or barbed wire tattoos. As always, rose tattoos are also very popular when it comes to armband tattoo designs, and so are Celtic knot tattoos, which can be highly stylized and personalized to represent heritage, personal commitment or just your affinity for animal interlace or other forms of Celtic knot work tattoos. Many armband tattoos have a central tattoo design that is located on the outer arm, then a thinner, supporting design that encircles the entire arm. Harley Davidson tattoos are a good example of this type of armband tattoo, since the Harley Davidson shield tattoo is generally the central design, then the entire are is spanned by flames.

If you are more into tribal art, then you might want to select a central image of your choice and use stylized tribal tattoo designs to encircle your arms. If you are extremely into the more traditional tribal tattoo designs, such as the popular Maori tattoo designs, then you may even elect to get multiple armbands that extend down your arm in a nearly tattoo sleeve pattern rather than a simple armband. These types of armband tattoos date back thousands of years, and Otzi the Iceman, who was a mummified prehistoric man found in a glacier, sported similar tattoos that worked with the lines of his body and are thought by researchers to have something to do with health and protection.

If you are thinking about getting an armband tattoo, make sure that you like the way that the armband tattoo design will look on your upper arm. Armband tattoos are great for emphasizing bulging or sculpted biceps, but if you have skinny or bony arms an armband tattoo can emphasize your lack of flesh, and sagging skin on your arm can cause your armband tattoo design to quickly become distorted. When you are selecting an armband tattoo, always try out several designs to see which one looks best on your arm and what will make you happiest when you show off your arm and your armband tattoo. Once you have made a selection, you will be able to confidently show off your armband tattoo design, knowing that you picked the best possible location and design for your armband tattoo.

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