Sophie Howard Nude Model Celebrity Tattoos

Thursday 15th of January 2009 08:46:13 PM [Add To This Article]

Sophie Howard has a serious fetish . . . for star tattoos. She has four tattoos total and they are all star outlines. She has small star outline tattooed on her left wrist. The model also has a succession of star tattoos down her back. These star tattoos get a little smaller as the move from the middle of her back to the base of her spine and have a little shading inside them. Howard has another three stars down the back of each of her calves. Stars are a common theme in tattoo culture and often represent the divine spark within all of us. They can also symbolize truth, hope or spirit.

Sophie Howard (born February 24, 1983) is an English model. She began her career as a stripper at age seventeen but soon move on to nude modeling. She is best known for her pictorials in men's magazines like Maxim, Zoo Weekly and Loaded. Howard has been featured on the cover of Loaded five times, more than any other model. Her tattoos are sometimes digitally removed from her pictorials. The model is also living with the autoimmune disease lupus.

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