My Little Pony Tattoo Designs

Friday 20th of February 2009 01:09:49 PM [Add To This Article]

My Little Ponies are small plastic pony toys with long, colored manes and tails. They live in Ponyville, a world run entirely by other pretty ponies. Each pony has a beautiful, sometimes sparkly tattoo on her haunch that tells you something about her personality. The tattoo might be a pretty design that makes the pony happy, or it can indicate something that is unique about her. For example, Sky Skimmer pony (who can fly) has a highly stylized butterfly tattoo on her haunch with large wings that are reminiscent of tribal tattoo styles. On the other hand, Clever Clover, the only boy pony in all of Ponyland, has three aqua clover tattoos on his haunch. Some ponies also have “full body” art that stretches from their shoulders to their back feet, and newborn ponies always have baby toys on their haunches that apparently change as they grow, since no adult ponies have pull ducks or teddy bears.

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