Kelly Osbourne Tattoos

Thursday 15th of January 2009 08:46:13 PM [Add To This Article]

Kelly Osbourne has numerous tattoos all over her body and is always adding to her growing collection. She has a skull and crossbones design tattooed on both feet. She also has a pair of small angel wings on her shoulder blades. (This tattoo is very much like the same one that Nicole Richie has.) Osbourne sports a tattoo outline of a star on the back of her neck. Stars are popular tattoo subject in the celebrity world and outside it. They symbolize hope, spirit and truth. She has a tiny pink heart on her hip and another tiny pink heart on her little finger, which she shares with ex-boyfriend Bert McCracken. Hearts are common symbols of love and so it's fitting that she shares this one with her ex-boyfriend. Some of Osbourne's tattoos refer to her parents. Osbourne has a padlock and key tattooed on her left forearm with the word "Daddy" and "This too shall pass". She says that she got it during a time when her father, rocker Ozzy Osbourne, was really ill. It means that he has the key to her heart and that all troubles are temporary. Across her back, between her two pink angel wings, there is a tattoo phrase "Je Vous Aime la Maman" or "I love my mommy" in French. Osbourne also has a tattoo of her brother's name, Jack, on her left wrist. Jack also has her name tattooed on him. On the back of her right forearm is a tattoo of musical keyboard. She has told interviewers that she doesn't remember how or when she actually got this tattoo. "The sad thing is I don't remember getting it and I don't know how to play the piano."

Kelly Michelle Lee Osbourne (born October 27, 1984) is an English television personality, singer and actress. She is the daughter of Black Sabbath front man Ozzy Osbourne and television personality Sharon Osbourne. The world was first introduced to her during the hit reality TV show about her father and his family, "The Osbournes". She began making music and released two albums that met with critical acclaim and relative success. Osbourne has also done some television acting, notably "Life As We Know It" and stage acting. Although her numerous tattoos haven't prevented her from working, they have made it harder sometimes. "I have to go in an hour early every day to get my tattoos covered up," Osbourne explains. "It's such a process, because the stuff they put it on with is like water color paints, so you put a layer on and it dries, and then another layer, and then another. They have so much stuff to cover it up - it takes so long, it's so weird."

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