Hummingbird Tattoos and Tattoo Designs

Thursday 15th of January 2009 08:46:14 PM [Add To This Article]

Hummingbirds have made scattered appearance is mythology. The Aztecs had a god Huitzilopochtli that was often depicted as a hummingbird. The northern Paiute Indians say that Hummingbird once filled his pants full of seeds and started on a journey to see what was beyond the sun. He ate only one seed a day, but had to turn back because his food gave out. He didn't see anything. In eastern Brazil, Hummingbird is the character who hoarded water so that the people had none at all until the Caingang and Botocudo Indians released it.

Trinidad and Tobago is known as the land of the hummingbird. The country displays a hummingbird on its national coat of arms and the 1-cent coin. Its national airline, ''Caribbean Airlines'' also carries the hummingbird as its logo.

Hummingbird tattoos represent agility and strength, as well as the miracle of flight. Hummingbird tattoo wearers may be from the nation of Trinidad and Tobago or simply admire the speed of the world's smallest bird.

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