Bull & Taurus Tattoos and Tattoo Designs

Thursday 15th of January 2009 08:46:12 PM [Add To This Article]

Cattle was one of the first animals domesticated by man and can be found in widespread areas, making it an important part of early man's life. Cattle provided dependable, manageable supplies meat, milk, and clothing among other things. The bull, which was the source of fertilization to a herd of cattle, became an important figure in mythology, revered and worshipped. The bull would go on to symbolize power, strength, resurrection, masculinity, fertility and fatherhood through the culture of the world, from Ancient Macedonia to Greece to modern day India.

The bull is often positioned as the sun god in much of mythologythanks to his fertility, fiery temperament and role as father of the herd. The bull is the king of the farm, a personification of brute strength and power. And because he is associated with the sun, the bull is also a symbol of life and resurrection. Resurrection is a huge theme in Christianity and the bull being lead into the ring for bull fighting is associated with Christ being led to the cross. There is even a certain movement of the bullfighter's cape that is called the Veronica Pass, named for the woman who wiped the blood and sweat from Christ's face as he was forced to carry the cross.

Bulls are common team mascots so a bull tattoo can mean that you're just a sports fan. It is also the symbol of the astrological sign, Taurus, so bull tattoos can mean that the wearer was born between April 20th and May 20th. Bull tattoos also denote fierceness, stubbornness and masculinity.

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