Reach for the all natural HEALING SOLUTION

A fresh tattoo only heals once. help it heal with all-natural Tattoo Johnny HEALING SOLUTION. This exclusive aftercare blend is made from the best ingredients in the world. For deep soothing relief, HEALING SOLUTION includes a moisturizing trio of soy oil, beeswax and cocoa butter. Other Ingredients like grape seed extract, with powerful antioxidant properties, are used to strengthen skin tissue. Vitamins A & C reduce redness, irritation and swelling, while promoting collagen growth to give your skin added suppleness and elasticity. There are no unnecessary ingredients in HEALING SOLUTION. An awesome new tattoo deserves the very best care. Look to Tattoo Johnny for the HEALING SOLUTION.

Healing Solution
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Caring for your new tattoo

No tattoo is finished until the healing is complete. After the tattooist has done his or her job, it's time for you to do yours. Your tattoo will take close to a month before it is completely healed. During the first stage of healing (approximately 4 to 5 days), you might experience soreness, discomfort, swelling, irritation and redness. During this time, it's important to keep your tattoo clean. Most tattoo artists will agree that you should wash your new tattoo at least 4 or 5 times a day with a mild or antibacterial soap. Gently pat your tattoo dry with a clean cloth or paper towel. It is often recommended that you apply a very thin layer of antibiotic ointment after each wash. (Ask your tattooist to demonstrate). The second and final stage (3 - 4 weeks) will have a large effect on the rest of your tattoo's life. A healing tattoo tends to dry out. At this point it's important to keep your tattoo moist. A good after care product will help prevent excess scabbing and infection, which can leave your tattoo blemished or scarred. Although some tattooists will recommend different approaches to healing, most will agree on three basic things: keep your tattoo clean, moist and protected from direct sunlight.

Tip: Avoid creams and lotions that contain fragrances, artificial colors and other unnecessary ingredients that can irritate a healing tattoo.

Tip: If you love the sun, make sure you give your tattoo plenty of time to heal before exposing your tattoo to direct sunlight. If you want to get a tattoo while away on a sunny vacation, make sure you do it towards the very end of your trip.