Popeyes Tattoos: Just Right for a Sailor Man

Friday 20th of February 2009 01:09:08 PM [Add To This Article]

Everyone is familiar with the lovable, nearly incoherent sailor who constantly pursues his lovely Olive and battles danger with a can of spinach in hand. Popeye, who has been around for decades, has always borne two discreet tattoos – one on each forearm. They are twin anchors, and fit perfectly with his character since he is a sailor. Interesting, in some depictions of Popeye they are barely there, and appear almost like cross-hatching intended to emphasize muscle rather than anchor tattoos. In other images, the anchors are clear as day. However, Popeye always bears his nautical tattoos with pride as he is walloping away on enemies and louts like Bluto.

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