Flowers by Design: Traditional Botanical Tattoo Imagery

Tuesday 17th of March 2009 10:23:02 AM [Add To This Article]

Flower tattoos are among the top ten tattoo designs. If you are looking for a sweet tattoo or a delicate tattoo design to enhance the already attractive curves and lines of your body, or if you just want a small, simple tattoo that is both beautiful and elegant, then a flower is likely on your list of tattoo designs to consider. However, when you are thinking about different options for your flower tattoo, do not limit yourself to the commonplace daisy tattoo or nondescript floral tattoo design without considering all of your options. Flower tattoos are among the most popular tattoo designs in the world for a variety of reasons, and understanding exactly what may be attracting you to the idea of a flower tattoo can help you pick the perfect flower tattoo for you and for your body.

Attractive flower tattoos are largely attractive because of the way they fit their location. One of the reasons that so many people admire flower tattoos on others is because a well placed flower tattoo can emphasize attractive things about that part of the body while complementing and adding to your natural body lines. Therefore, when you are thinking about getting a flower tattoo and referring back to other flower tattoos that you have found to be particularly attractive, be sure to factor in where those flower tattoos were located. For example, climbing vines are elegant when wrapped around the wrist or ankle or trailing across the foot. On the other hand, bold daisy tattoos, sunflower tattoos or pansy tattoos, all of which are rounder, more robust and symmetrical flower tattoo designs, tend to look better on a symmetrical part of the body, such as the back of the neck or the lower back. These larger flower designs can overwhelm a delicate location such as the wrist or the ankle, and often make areas like the calf, which have room for the large flower design and therefore are a prime location for it, appear shorter or abbreviated if the design is too round and bold. If you want to get a flower tattoo on your calf or ankle, getting a spray of flowers is a way to elongate the lines of your leg rather than cut them in half.

Flower tattoos also can be a way to indicate and celebrate your heritage. Often, people will incorporate flower tattoo designs into Celtic knot designs to indicate different components of their ethnic background. Thistle tattoos, which sound spiny and unpleasant to many people, actually can be truly beautiful since thistle flower tattoos are not only highly realistic and unique, but also can be vibrant and extremely colorful. Thistles generally indicate a Scottish heritage. People with Welsh backgrounds may wish to incorporate their traditional botany into their flower tattoo design. Welsh flowers and plants include leek tattoos and daffodil tattoos. Daffodil tattoos in particular are a bright, beautiful and stunning flower tattoo when portrayed photorealistically, and many people also use daffodils to symbolize hope since they are an early spring flower and often bloom around Easter. Finally, the most classic botanical tattoo when it comes to celebrating heritage is probably the shamrock tattoo. Because shamrock tattoos are so popular both because people with Irish heritage are often aggressively proud of their lineage and also because people who are not Irish hope to gain some of the fabled Irish luck by bearing a shamrock tattoo, there is a vast array of shamrock tattoo designs to choose from. Whether you want to have a realistic shamrock tattoo or a highly stylized shamrock tattoo in a tribal tattoo style or surrounded by other flowers that make your shamrock tattoo unique, you will have no trouble finding a shamrock tattoo design to fit your wants and desires for your flower tattoo.

Finally, flower tattoos are often used to symbolize personal and spiritual growth. Lily tattoos and rose tattoos are often used to indicate deep spiritual and emotional devotion and love. Different colors of roses indicate different things to different people, including white rose tattoos for pure love and red rose tattoos for deep physical and romantic love. When it comes to botanical symbolism, the location of flower tattoos also can tell you a lot about the intent and emotion behind the flower tattoo. For example, rose tattoos on the breast, the inner thigh or the pelvic region often indicate an intimate emotion, while more visible flower tattoos tend to have more to do with publicly discussed emotions and love like devotion to children, family or spiritual and emotional growth.

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