Cross Tattoos

As one of the most ancient and widespread symbols, the vertical line represents Father Nature and the horizontal line represents Mother Nature. The point where the lines intersect represents mystical and spiritual concepts that embrace the meeting of the material and the spiritual in human existence. It symbolizes life and immortality, fertility andthe union of heaven, earth, the suns and the stars. The four arms symbolize the four directionals, winds, and elements. It can be used decoratively or as a protective symbol.

The biggest association with cross tattoos today is with the Christian religion. In the Christian Bible, it says that Jesus, the son of God, was murdered because he spread the beliefs of the Christian religion. He was forced to carry a cross and crucified on it. Three days later he was reborn again. His story is said to parallel the human condition. In otherwords, Christians believe that they are reborn after death into heaven and the arms of God. 

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